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Get on-demand computer system resources, especially data storage (cloud storage) and computing power, without direct active management by the user.


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Our Services

VoIP for Business

We provide VoIP for business of all sizes.

VoIP for Home

We provide VoIP residential services.

Unlimited Calls

Unlimited to everywhere in US and Canada.

Conference Calls

Conference calling without third party integration.


Send and receive faxes from your computer, anytime.

Hosted Solutions

We provide complete phone services from trusted provers.

Digital Receptionist

IVR - Auto-attendant menus. (e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for billing)

Caller ID Filering

Create incoming call rules based on the Caller ID number.

Music on Hold

Use this feature for callers to listen to music when they are on hold.

Call Forwarding

A Call Forwarding allows an incoming call to be redirected to a mobile or phone.

Time Based Routing

Calls are routed based on the time Day/ Night, Weekend, Holidays


Use your phone as an intercom or as a paging device.

Call Hunting

Members in group are dialed one after another, untill a member answers.

Email Fax

Send/ Receive faxes from your email from PC or mobile.


E911 allows users to associate physical addresses with their DID.

Yes. We will port your existing local and toll-free numbers. Just provide us with a copy of your phone bill and we will handle the rest.

No, we provide E911 service free of cost.

Email [email protected] and we will respond immediately.

No, you may cancel free of charge at any time with no penalties.

There is no upfront cost. Pay only for your services.

You want it? We got it. Your account manager will make use of our wide array of features to custom tailor an experience for your callers and employees that is optimal for your business.

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